Artwork Submission.

Our goal is to make everything easy and hassle-free for you. Follow the guidelines below, and know that we’re here to help at anytime by email or by phone +31(0)252-225 803.


A quality final product start with quality artwork.

Make sure you have permissions to use any logo you send us.

Vector artwork is preferred, giving us the most flexibility from a design end as well as the highest quality output. Original Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps) or Adobe Photoshop .psd files are preferred.

We can work with PDF artwork files provided the file was created in a vector program.

High resolution jpegs work depending on your desired outcome.

Artwork should be saved within the RGB color space.

Note that Profore reserves the right to display on our website and/or use in promotional efforts any bagtag we design or produce for our clients.

Printing Colours

Our process does not guarantee an exact Pantone colour match. We will always do our best to match pantone colours (when specified) as closely as possible. When in doubt we will print a sample prior to production for your approval. Colours critical to brand identity should be called out in Pantone Solid Coated colours, along with number values if applicable (ie, Pantone Reflex Blue, Pantone 123 C). Please note that colours appear different on a computer screen that they do when printed.


In your artwork convert all text to outlines wherever possible. To convert your fonts in Adobe Illustrator, use the following steps: 1. Open File 2. In the Main Menu Choose Select > All 3. In the Main Menu Choose Type > Create Outlines 4. In the Main Menu Choose File > Save As > use the “save as type” drop down menu and select .pdf, finally name your file accordingly.

Variable Data (personalisation)

For teams, clubs, camps, tournaments/events, etc. looking for text personalisation on our products, we will need this variable data submitted in an MS Excel spreadsheet (or similar format). Personalisation information should be in separate rows (1, 2, 3, 4…), and you can use multiple columns (A, B, C…) if needed to indicate other variables (member numbers, categories, etc). If you need multiple bagtags printed with the same data, please list that data multiple times.

Request your design visual: